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My Story

I am a 42 year old Mom to 3 wonderful children, a Nutritionist,

Master Personal Trainer, natural medicine specialist, and ordained minister. I started the fit life 8 years ago. I am fully certified and insured. I have trained all ages from age 3 to age 98, all fitness levels from beginners to professional athletes.

At the age of 34, I was burnt out on my retail job, stressed out, sick all time, and missing out on time with my family. After struggling with my weight for several years, spending money on gyms, fad diets, "gym trainers" etc, the only weight I had lost was in my wallet. I thought, there has to be a better, an easier way that actually works...

And I found it, everyone is different, there is NO one plan that works for everyone. You have to take lifestyle and station in life, health levels, genetics, etc. there are so many factors that are involved in creating the perfect plan for you. No wonder it is so hard to find your right plan. That is where I come in, years of school, constant additional learning, I know what will work for you and I modify as we go to make sure you never hit that dreaded plateau.

I hate gyms...

My studio is clean, private, and most importantly a judgement free zone. I sanitize between every client. No one is going to creepy stare at you here. You will be certain you are doing everything correctly and effectively. I do have great insurance just in case, but have been in business for 6 years and have had zero client injuries, not even a stubbed toe. 

Why Me, why so affordable?

I started out wanting to fix my health, but then had such an incredible desire to help others get healthy. That is why I am an affordable personal trainer. Everyone should have the same access to a trainer, not just those with high level of income. Yes, I could charge a whole lot more, but again, I want to help everyone get HEALTHY and see that living the fit life does not mean spending thousands of dollars, or spending hours a day in the gym or depriving yourself of the foods you love.

While helping others lose weight, I have found a true passion. I have helped so many people get off their diabetes medication, cholesterol medications, the list goes on and on, that is what I am most proud of...

I can help you and I WILL get you results.