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Get Healthy and Fit

Start your Personal Training Now

The Fit Life Gym is a full service Private Personal Training Gym with nutrition support. One on one or small group training in a private gym setting. No one gawking at you, no wait to use equipment, no judgement. Fun custom workouts that get you quick results. You will lose inches the very first week. You will reach your goals because you will have constant guidance and support available to you. We also have health and beauty products, your one stop shop for Healthy!

Join me at the Fit Life gym for One on One training. I am a Master Personal Trainer and Nutritionist with proven results for my clients. All ages, all fitness levels including sports training, competition training, and corrective exercise. I am a Private trainer, which also means you get full my attention while in my gym.    

We have Gift cards available for our services, and as always you can pay here at the gym by cash or credit card.

                   Online Training                    

Don't live in the area, That's okay. I provide affordable online training as well. Completely customized programs to fit your lifestyle.

What to expect... after you purchase a plan I will contact you with a questionnaire to get all the info needed to build your custom plan. This is not a one plan for everyone, it is fully customized.  

                 Nutrition Support                 

I teach you what to eat, how often to eat. How to re-train your metabolism. There is alot of mis-information out there, I help guide you through it all. Again it's a fully customized plan with foods you will actually eat and enjoy eating. Let's face it, diets fail cause the food is terrible or you are starving all the time. You will not go hangry...

You tell me your goals and I customize a plan to you.